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A quick message to note that UseBB 1.0.10 will be released soon. Currently on the changelog:

- Redirect to the previously selected pane on activating member in ACP.
- Added email address tooltip on profile link in ACP activate members pane.
- Fixed malfunctioning RSS Feed when friendly URLs are enabled.
- Translate IP address ::1 in session to for consistency.
- Made usernames in IP address lookup clickable.
- Mass email in board default language and only to unique email addresses.
- Personal emails now sent in correct (recipient's) language.

On a previous request, per forum RSS feeds will also be added.

8) looking forward to it, no matter whats been done.

Nice, glad to see it :)

nice . goood job ... :)

oh..... how nice... specially the feed feature... Thanx dietrich..

And while you're at it... You could add the board's image in the feed:

<link>Board URL</link>
<title>Board Title</title>
<url>Logo URL</url>


Sat, 05/02/2009 - 15:06

Nice, expectant