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Current list of tasks for 1.0.12: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/usebb/wiki/Versions/1.0.12

This includes removing the deprecated PHP functions usage.

Please feel free to discuss.

I would like to see the option to disable both signatures and avatars globally for all members via the Admin CP. By this I mean, if you choose to not allow members to use avatars or signatures via the Admin CP. Members will not see the option to use them in their profile settings.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the current Avatar URL linking method used (no upload option). Members will tend to link to avatars displayed on other sites in their profile that will later either get deleted from there, or they'll be blocked from hot-linking to them.

It would be nice to see the Avatar URL option done away with completely, replaced with Avatar Uploading instead (only).

By the way, nice to see your going to be doing away with the depreciated PHP functions from code, cleaning things up. Good news!

Do you have any idea on the time-scale you "kind of expect" to get this new version out? Or can you see it being quite a while away yet. Because I know development has all but ended with UseBB 1 now.

As far as UseBB 2 goes, I was under the impression you wasn't actively working on developing it anymore. Since your interest have moved elsewhere on other things.

The 1.0.x releases are just maintenance and no real development. It's fixing current issues and bugs. 1.0.12 could well be released only in January or February 2011, depending on how much time there was and if there were any security issues found.

UseBB 2 is not active right now, as can be seen in the development pages (Trac).

All this is also stated at the project outline: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/usebb/wiki/ProjectOutline

Current forum version on UseBB.net/community is 1.0.12.

Changelog so far: see recent posts below

- Hide PHP notices and deprecation warnings when in production environment.

Not really sure what you mean by that?

Also, just curious seeing as your running the newer version here right now. Are you expecting an earlier release date than after Christmas?

There is a constant boolean in the source which is true in the final release.

PHP notices and warnings about deprecated functions are hidden (E_NOTICE and E_DEPRECATED). Previously, these were shown to the user and halted the script with an error.

The sources from SVN have the boolean set to false, so for development any of these errors are shown.

I can't tell when it will be released. I don't think it will be before Christmas. The development version is running here in order to spot errors and problems faster.

OK, thanks for the update.

See below for Changelog.

Nice, I'm looking forward to upgrading the forum with this new release.

I like the filters you've added for on-line users. Would be nice to hide Admins and Mods being seen on-line, while still allowing members to see other members who are on-line.

That's if I'm reading it right how that would work.

A user can hide his own account from being visible. You can just alter every staff account to achieve this.

Any informations about new version?

See above and information mentioned at Trac. :)

There is still some stuff to do (items which are not noted done on the wiki page). Don't expect the new version this month or January.

Wondering about 2 things for 1.0.12

1. any database changes from 1.0.11 to 1.0.12
2. anyway to hide Rank in profile when nothing is added


There are no database changes.

If you mean the row for Rank in the profile page, this is not possible since there are no logic constructs in the templates themselves. You can either keep or remove the table row.

Thanks Dietrich.

Yes the whole row, just wondered and not important to have done, though I might just remove that code snippet, so as long it doesn't break anything, sorry for taking this topic a bit off-topic.

Since at the moment I have a lot of academic work, I currently don't have the time to work on 1.0.12.

There are still a number of items to do for this release. Notably the password character expansion (some work has been done but not committed to SVN yet) and the signature/avatar permissions.

For the signature/avatar permissions, the goal was to have advanced settings to control whether these can be set. However, I am thinking to only add a feature to block BBCode URLs under certain condititions, and eventually add more control to signatures and avatars in a later version.

The reason is that I would like 1.0.12 to be out more quickly than the last three or so releases, which had gaps between them of nearly/over a year. Also, spam is still a problem so it would be nice to be able to ignore URL tags at any place (topics, signatures) for spam accounts as of the next release.

Since I feel that there have been quite some changes I think about first making a few release candidates (RC) before releasing 1.0.12 itself. This way any major/blocking bugs should be discovered early and avoided in the stable release. This would be the first time RCs get released for a 1.0.x version.


- Added members/staff/guests filter on online user list.
- Added possibility to show new topic and post reply links to guests.
- Added possibility to only check DNSBL servers upon registering or posting as guest.
- Added max topic age setting for active topics.
- Added automatic and manual logout for Admin Control Panel.
- Fixed a small issue with not properly checked new version information from server.
- Fixed possible bug with statistics table and updating.
- Fixed some bugs with anti-spam question posing timing.
- Fixed wrong error when could not connect to database.
- Fixed errors when getting config values before having config file loaded.
- Passwords can now contain symbols, and must contain at least one letter and one number.
- Generated passwords now also contain symbols and are always checked to be valid.
- Removed mandatory usage of magic_quotes_runtime.
- Post new topic links removed from topic template (template variable still available).
- Hide PHP notices and deprecation warnings when in production environment.
- Added log hidden errors setting which still logs errors hidden in production environment.
- Halt execution if install directory is not removed and is in production environment.
- Reset debug level 2 to 1 when in production environment.
- Removed some old code for PHP < 4.3.0. PHP 4.3 is now a minimum requirement.
- Debug info can now show memory usage on PHP >= 5.2.
- Updated (better) sorting on member list and search results.
- Now impossible for admin to delete own account in ACP.
- E-mail address to ban is now editable on user removal in ACP.
- Show specific error for malformed passwords on several forms.
- Activate member upon requesting new password if awaiting email activation.
- Show correct error message upon login with not yet admin-activated account.
- Show general error message for wrong username/email address combinations on send pw form.
- Hide ban reason on send pw form, and only show on login form when correct password given.
- Denote HTML enabled fields in ACP forms.
- Adjusted input and text area field sizes all over the system (generally bigger).
- System now links to application root instead of index.html with friendly URLs.
- Place HTML title after character encoding meta tag as it should be.
- Small style improvements, no custom styles anymore on most input fields.
- Session ID and IP address removed from session information in default template.
- User level is now shown as tooltip over custom rank in topics.
- Show config section names for missing labels of incorrect values.
- Show newlines in question answers and current question for FAQ.
- Ensure unique IDs for FAQ questions.
- Show member edit link after registering member in ACP.
- Version check can now display full text messages.
- Enable DNSBL bans setting moved to General Configuration.

As said, likely I will only add a feature to block BBCode URLs under certain condititions. Also I will not release an RC but link to a SVN revision here for testing.

1.0.12 will then be released in March or April.

Just wondering what you think about this idea. I've created a footer logo on my UseBB forum so the bottom of the forums don't look cut-off (you can right-click) and download it from my site to see it as an image.

Then I just opened-up the global.tpl file and added this code to use it below.

<p id="bottom">
<div id="bottom-shadow"></div>

<div><img src="{img_dir}footer.png" alt="" title="" /></div>

Here is the image linked too from my site below.


The layout was meant to end like that, the copyright bar actually ends the page.

A couple of security issues have been found, and thus 1.0.12 will be released within the next days.

The current list at the wiki is definitive, so no further anti-spam stuff will be added in 1.0.12. A possible list for 1.0.13 is here.

The previous changes have been tested on this forum for some time (months), and I will perform more tests before release.

That re-sync module for statistics can come be handy. I already love to see it being added. :)

And will the Google Analytics snipped be completely excluded when you don't have a n account there?

One thing should also be included with the next release: Remove dependency of CURL. I got a warning here when I try to check for updates:

E_WARNING - curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons

Because of many trojans and worms (ab)use such functions to remote-include PHP code, I have simply disabled them and avoid them.

Google Analytics is one little feature that is not yet confirmed to be added. In any case it will not be visible when unused.

The cURL issue I checked and fixed in SVN.

Looks good Dietrich, keeping an eye open on newer releases, though have no forum on my site. UseBB still appeals to me, unlike other forums bloat.

It's good to see UseBB being pushed forward still, even though I now use MyBB myself. I think it's a cracking little forum for people to use on shared hosting set-ups, due to the nature of it being light-weight. More so these days, because paid forum software like IPB, vBulletin and the newer XenForo are just not that suitable anymore for shared hosting.

This is opening up a niche for more light-weight boards to fill that gap, because the big boys no longer can really when it comes to shared hosting. And let's face it, most people who run a forum use cheap shared hosting and need forum software that works perfectly fine with it.

The fixes are now almost complete. After the testing 1.0.12 will be released. This will probably be within two days.

Looking forward to it, take your time though. ;)