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Since we are not yet near a stable release for 2.0.0 and spamming troubles are getting bigger, I decided to break a previous rule of not making database changes in v1 and introduce a simple moderation queue.

Messages from potential spammers can remain unpublished until a mod/admin decides otherwise (or removes the user). This way, spam messages should ultimately not appear in public.

Next to this, the until now two reported bugs will be fixed in 1.0.15.

Please see https://github.com/usebb/UseBB/issues?milestone=7&state=open for details.

I for one think its a cool feature. Many people will find it quite useful.

Not that it'll be needed on mine, potential members need to email me first, but its mainly for people I now either in real life or online. Board is visible to anyone.

Question, would the same moderation queue be an option if you allow guests to post messages.


It should work for guests as well, when they are configured to be potential spammers.

Haven't yet got the time to continue working on this. Once it's done a release will follow soon, and I hope this will be the last one with any bigger changes.

Cool, may open registration (via admin activation) and allow guests to post.

Oh, no rush Dietrich.

Unfortunately I cancelled the mod queue, since it would have been too much of a hassle and problems with mods. The old codebase just doesn't allow such dramatic changes. See also https://github.com/usebb/UseBB/issues/108#issuecomment-4997571.

1.0.15 is limited to bug fixes and some small CSS changes/improvements. It will likely also be the last version that includes any feature changes (if it contains any at all). 1.0.16 and onwards will be bug fixes only.

Since the mod queue been canceled, would it be easier to add potential spammer for the Avatar URL.

Potential spammer: disable profile links
Potential spammer: disable post links
Potential spammer: disable avatar url

Then enabled upon certain post count.

I'm sorry, but I'm not planning any more feature changes. This might be opposed to what I previously said, but UseBB 1 is getting too old, and this patching takes up time that can be used for v2.

That's why only bug fixing will be done for 1.0.16+.

Thats too bad, was hoping that could at least be done.