Are there any forum running with the single forum mode?

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/14/2012 - 22:12
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Sometimes forums that do pop up, but it's hard to later track them down and not all of them remain in existence.

We can say it is a less used feature, and wasn't implemented in a 100% optimal way either. However it does the job as far as it does anything useful.

If a person were to use single forum mode, use like a comment script, with a bit more features, at least its more than the comment scripts that I used over the years.

I will be, that is if, I can make up my mind having a forum on my site.

I'm running UseBB in Single Forum Mode.

Just to say, I don't use single forum mode now

I do if it interests you still. However i am looking to find something else that will fill that same need for me now.