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Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:30
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Is there a way to disable the signature from being edited for a potential spammer profile or remove it all together?

This dose not matter now I have add some code to stop it for now. But the signature needs to be disabled for a potential spammer just like the website is.

This is not possible out of the box, and never will. :)

Well maybe you should put it in the box, No idea why you have given up on UseBB.

See the previous topics on the discontinuation of v1. I think there has been enough pondering and discussion on that topic.

I get the point to some of it but users use this script because its light and not like the others that are over loaded with junk. Its why I picked it over from phpbb and one I pay for Invision Power Board.

If you want to give up on UseBB then that is fine like you put there are others out there. May not be as light loaded forum script like this one but there out there.

Once PunBB was very popular in that segment, and it is now taken over by FluxBB, Vanilla, etc.

Had to login and voice my opinion.

Dietrich - PunBB and FluxBB are just okay, but would rather use UseBB, just wish you would at least make some changes to UseBB 1.

Not asking for personal messages, attachments, avatar upload, or anything big like those.

Just wish you could improve on the potential spammer part of it.

Note: I have NO use for SMF, PunBB, FluxBB, MyBB, IPB, vB.

You must understand the potentials of UseBB 1 are gone. The code is old and has lots of small and bigger problems that are not fixed. The way it was written, it has no future. It's a mess of procedural and OO code, it has no true database abstraction, no (data) APIs, etc, not mentioning later PHP stuff such as namespaces.

Lots of people currently want a system that is flexible on as much areas as possible. This is just not true for UseBB 1. Sure it can be suitable to some people, but to a developer it is no longer interesting.

So patching the anti-spam stuff would improve nothing on the other parts (which simply need to be rewritten). I understand some stuff might be changed quickly but the question is where it all ends. UseBB 1.0 has been out since July 2006, over 6.5 years ago.

Next to this I just don't have the time. It would be a better idea to write a convertor to Drupal and make use of all its available anti-spam modules. Which is probably what I will do once my workload has decreased.

I setup another UseBB to use, despite no changes, but not all using any parts of the anti-spam. Now if you where to add other changes from past and present posts I would, as is, its not complete to me.

Sorry, not trying to badger you. And please take me off that potential spammer status. Thanks, not emailing you about that.

Please see node/1518.

Closing this topic now.