[FIXED] [cvs-0.5] [2005-04-30 version] [view profile and edit profile go to wrong]

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 05/01/2005 - 15:20
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[Running Results]:
[Your Panel -> View Profile]:
In file profile.php on line 152:
E_NOTICE - Undefined index: birthday
[Your Panel -> Edit Profile]:
In file panel_profile.php on line 162:
E_NOTICE - Undefined index: birthday

It looks like no birthday field in the usebb_members table.
You are very painstaking, just thank you!
Good luck!

Sorry, I forgot to update the sql file and upgrade-0-4.php. This has been fixed (see the "Updates" announcement). Thanks for reporting anyway.

It's work on cvs-0.5 2005-05-01 version now.
Thank you to answer my question. And I also see search.php in the folder, that means 0.5 final version having search function. Isn't it?

It will. :)