[FIXED] English pack causes error with SurgeMail server

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 02/12/2005 - 09:47
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I'm using the following configuration:
Apache 1.3.31
MySQL 4.0.21

I installed UseBB. When I tried to create the first user account, it gave me the following error:

In file d:htdocsmanifiestosguateforumsourcesfunctions.php on line 463:

E_WARNING - mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 Failure Naked LF see http://netwinsite.com/surgemail/help/smtplf.htm

When following the link I discovered that the body of the mail UseBB was trying to send didn't have the correct CR+LF at the end of each line. I rewrote the corresponding message body in the english language pack, and it's working fine now.

BTW, I'll be translating the English Language pack to spanish. I cand send it if you want.

Juan P. Marroquin

I guess this is a big problem because if you use \r\n (CR + LF) instead of \n (LF) gmail gives problems, it sees them as 2 lines what makes that your headers aren't seen as headers but as bodytext. (and you don't what that)

I noticed that one 2 days ago, usebb 0.2 language file
got lines like:
"This is anr test"

indeed usebb 0.3 got:
"This is a

I tried using the first kind but usebb couldnt "translate" the nr so i fixed all my language files with the enter-key on Unix.

But here it doesnt throw any error (postfix2,php4), so i guess its some kind of windows-thing. A good fix could be the reimplementation of CR+LF in the language files.

The standard (RFC ...) indeed says that e-mails need to have \\r\\n and not just \\n. I'll fix this in the mailer function for 0.3.2.

Along with this post, I discovered "\\r\\n" shows up as "rn". Yet another bug. :d

This bug should be fixed now, in CVS.

Thanks for reporting.