[FIXED] Global text color missing

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/28/2007 - 06:22
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$templates['user'] = '
<td class="minimal">{latest_update}</td>


$templates['user'] = '
<td class="detailed-list">{current_page}</td>
<td class="minimal">{latest_update}</td>

Add to: style.css above .detailed-list-link (optional color)

.detailed-list {
font-weight: bold;

I don't see why it would miss a CSS class, it looks fine the way it is. And the color you selected certainly isn't suitable for text on a gray background.

Marking as invalid.

It's not an invalid statement Dietrich,

Anywhere there is no color denoted in the .css class attributes, the text defaults to the operating system (Windows etc) colours. Which in this case it's blue. That looks quite good in the Grey Default Style; but all the text that doesn't have a class color: disappears when the background is changed to a dark or similar colour.

The color: in the first post was only an example and stated as such. :P

Which was my main concern in the other thread. If the text doesn't have an attribute, it's blue.. ;)

I guess adding a color property to body{} solves this problem, you can hardly add a CSS class to every element that hasn't got a color set.

Change applied to CVS.


Does need to be changed to <td class="text_1">{whatever}</td> to use a global and or individually accepted .css color: style for that particular <td>.

Some other <td's require different classes ("text_2") etc.

One example:

It's also one of the major changes I had to make to the "Black Gold" theme to make the text visible, and at the same time keep the .css within the parameters of any UseBB MODS or plugins so as not to affect the .css that they use.

See my previous post. I added a color property to body. This should fix this issue, AFAIK every child element of body inherits the text color. Have you tried this in your style sheet?

You're making strange requests, in another topic you're complaining there's too much CSS, but you now want to add a class attribute to every table cell to have all the colours right (while there is a more simple way)...

Heyyyyyyy Dietrich, :mrgreen:

Don't get me wrong on this, my suggestion re too much .css was mainly pointed at the different classes having individual text attributes when IMHO all text should have their own classes; small, med, big and large etc. Though there would be exceptions to those also.

I'm also aware that the default theme for forum software needs to be LoFi; and it's up to the theme-makers to make the changes to effect a different style. The default theme looks fine. 8)

body {color:#?????? is a useful patch for picking up the orphan text, but as a global remedy it picks up everything without a class; regardless of font size or style etc. so it's not all that practical.

Anyway, it's no big deal; ver1.0.6 is coming to the end of its useful life and the real challenge will be in v2.0.0

At the moment, I'm enjoying playing with this one. :P

If you only want to give all table cells the same colour, then apply td { color:...; } and assign a class for exceptions which hold a different colour (and markup). That's the point about cascading style sheets. Working the opposite way and assigning a class directly to all table cells or any block-level element separately is not the right way to use CSS.

The problem is that you confuse the default template with a foundation for a new one. The class attributes and CSS stylesheet of the default template was written only for this template. Even though it's not perfect it was not meant to be "easily alterable" to whatever you want. If you need different CSS class attributes (which is very likely) you should add them in your own template files. These changes do not need to be applied to the default template.

So, I'll now close this topic. If you still have concerns with this you can discuss this for 2.0 in the 2.0 Discussion forum or the mailing list.