[FIXED] magic_quotes_runtime deprecated

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 23:26
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Dear Forum,

I am a newbie but very happy with this easy-to-use forum-software. I get this message when trying to open my forum on www.worldonbike.com/forum:

An error was encountered. We apologize for any inconvenience.
In file sources/db_mysqli.php on line 138:
E_WARNING - mysqli_fetch_array(): magic_quotes_runtime are deprecated since PHP 5.3
This error should probably not have occured, so please report it to the webmaster. Thank you for your help.
If you are the webmaster of this board and you believe this is a bug, please send a bug report.

Can anybody help? It would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards from Henrik

UseBB 1.0.11 still uses magic quotes runtime. The next release 1.0.12 does not, so this problem will be fixed.

In the meantime, have you tried using the mysql driver instead of mysqli? Thus, setting $dbs['type'] = 'mysql' in config.php, while keeping the other DB settings the same.

If this doesn't work, I would advise to use the latest SVN sources. The current latest stable sources can be downloaded here.

You can unpack this using a decent archive tool and upload it to the forum's location (keeping config.php).


Tue, 02/01/2011 - 18:10


Thank you very much! I simply removed the tiny "i" in the line you suggested and everything is working.

Thanks for your help!


Mon, 06/13/2011 - 11:33

It's great that finally you got the answer. Thanks