[FIXED] mail() additional -f parameter causes problems

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 05/05/2007 - 20:41
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Hi, Developers! At registration of the user, the forum has produced an error: E_USER_ERROR - Unable to send e-mail! The hosting. Sendmail works correctly, from a site go, but from a forum is not present.

I have found solution of this problem. In a file functions.php on string 1198 in function mail () I have deleted a code '-f '. $ from_email but php5 for me works not in safe_mode! Obviously, it is a defect in usebb as other scripts correctly send email.

Perhaps the -f parameter should be removed in UseBB, it was added in a patch by Tadashi Jokagi. Perhaps he could elaborate on why this parameter is necessary.

Moving to bug reports.

I fixed the problem by making the -f parameter a setting in the ACP.

Thank you :)