[FIXED] Member count stuck at 1

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 12/03/2010 - 18:00
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Anyone having issues with the Statistics page(stats.php)?
I have three users and it shows;

Members 1 - One is the admin(does he count?) and two are regular users(yes activated). Perhaps only two users!

I had the same problem with version UseBB 1.0.10

Also, FYI: in the User panel Hide from online list, Hide all avatars, Hide user information, Hide all signatures are not checked off. I have also added one more member(3 total, not including admin). Still no change in the stats Members section, still shows as one member. :roll:

Does this problem occur with the stats for posts and topics as well?

What MySQL version are you using?

Moved this to bug reports.

I changed the code performing the updates in the statistics. It could be a clash between column types in MySQL, although I didn't find any information.

Or it could be the mail function failing, and that way not reaching to the point where the stats table is updated. I changed the order as well.

Please feel free to test out using the latest SVN sources (tarball here).