Help fixing session error

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 19:42
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Hello. I recently installed UseBB on Wamp to prepare it for my domain. After my installation I was messing with the settings, and I changed my session or cookie I think, from usebb to a custom name. After I did that I was no longer able to login, or visit other parts of the site. How could I fix this issue?

Open config.php and reset the cookie settings:

$conf['cookie_domain'] = '';
$conf['cookie_httponly'] = 1;
$conf['cookie_path'] = '';
$conf['cookie_secure'] = 0;

Thankyou Dietrich, but the problem hasn't been solved. What method could I follow so I could re-frame from breaking the forum in the future, but still being able to use custom cookie names?

Edit 2: Actually I searched within Config.php, and looked at sessions. I changed my custom name back to "usebb" and that re-allowed me to visit the Acp. However when I click logout, I get taken to a 404 Not found. :'(

What URL does lead to the 404? Did you enable friendly URLs? You need to run on Apache HTTPD with mod_rewrite for those to work.

Also when changing the session name or cookie settings, please delete your own cookies for the domain so there is no "overlap" and no cookie that cannot be unset by UseBB.