[INVALID] Unable to set BBCode links to open in new windows

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 02/24/2008 - 02:35
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With the 'BBCode links open new window' option enabled, links within new posts still open in the existing window. Looking at the html output, it doesn't appear as if the target="_blank" attribute is being added to the links.

Here are the set up details:

UseBB: 1.0.8
PHP: 5.2.5
MySQL: 4.0.27
Server: Apache 1.3.41

I'm running 1.0.4 on another forum (same server), and have tried the OpenSourceCMS demo, but both also suffer the same problem.

I'm running 1.0.8 and is works fine.

Though, it's a personal setting, which is found in Your Panel / Settings.

Anyhow, the target="_blank" is never added, since external links have the rel="external", and based on the usersetting, javascript handles is there should be a new window.

The idea of the javascript to open a new window is that xhtml strict doesn't allow target="_blank". Has been deprecated.

So, if you don't have javascript enabled, links will not open in a new windows even when it's enabled.

Thanks for your assistance.

I understand what was happening now. As both myself and the other admin had registered accounts before enabling this option, we needed to manually change the setting for our own accounts in Your Panel.

However, the option is now effective for all guests and new users (unless they disable it themselves through Your Panel).

Marking as invalid.