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In topic view the heading are Author and Post, is it possible to move the last edit message next to post.

Example: Post (last edit by...)

Thank you

Edit the topic.tpl.php file and add a table header (<th>) and table cell (<td>) for each post. The table cell must contain {post_editinfo}. The format of the edit info is defined in the settings in global.tpl.php.

Anyway to remove link to name.

Would it have to do with editing these in topic.php

$post_editby = ( $postsdata['post_edit_by'] ) ? $functions->make_profile_link($postsdata['post_edit_by'], $editer_info['poster_name'], $editer_info['poster_level']) : $lang['Unknown'];
$post_editinfo = sprintf($template->get_config('post_editinfo_format'), sprintf($lang['PostEditInfo'], $post_editby, $functions->make_date($postsdata['post_edit_time'])));

Tried removing $functions->make_profile_link, but sure there is more to it.

I would add CSS rules so that in the "th" elements links always have the "normal" color and no text-decoration. That way the link can remain but be invisible.

Tried for hours with CSS, nothing worked. Possibly wrong element, will have to look closer, but for now, taking a break, code is looking the same after staring at it for so long. :lol:

First, sorry for all the posts.

I must of tried half dozen styles and nothing. Need some ideas.

If you have styles applied to .editinfo, you need to change the color of a elements in there:

.editinfo {
/* ... */
.editinfo a {
color: white !important;

The !important must probably be set, because it is used already for red and blue links for admins/mods. (You can also remove those from the CSS if unused.)

Adding !important solved it. Figures. :mrgreen:

Made the link same color as the rest of the text, makes it look dim.

If you click 3rd post link (or here) you'll see what I did. Its also dim, so its not the focus of the page.

All I can manage is...

Edit by William
Apr 29, 2012 8:13:16 am

What I like to do is make it look like what I have below, 3 lines...

Edit by William
Apr 29, 2012
8:13:16 am

Is above possible.


It is not possible to break up the date and time displaying in UseBB 1. At least not that I am aware of.

Changed it back the way I hat it prior to the code edits in above posts.