A list of features that might me worth implementing

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 02/09/2008 - 16:12
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- Topic Report

If a thread goes bad, that users can file a report. On a big forum with lots of activity mods can always miss a thread and it's replies. Something like a splitted forumlist, topics with reports on top, follwed by the rest.

- Bookmarks

Where users can add threads to their bookmarks page (in their panel). Using the same layout as Active Topics, but then selected by a user.
(this could replace the subscriptions, less resources needed (IE the mailer))

- Announcements

Option for mods and admin to have threads made as announcements.
These topics could be shown and the index page (idea kinda ripped from directtopics).

- Dynamic RSS

The RSS link on each page should contain the RSS from that page. IE: the RSS on the index shows all. The RSS on category 1 shows only cat 1. And for forums.

- Thread name in link

When posting a link to another thread, instead of putting the the url as readable, put the topicname in it. Looks way better when referring to another thread. (should be done parsing the UBB) making it something like:

[ url = someurl ] $TopicTitle [ / url ]

To be continued... (or not :twisted: )

Oh...I forget another item..

Since UseBB allows multiple logins, it could be nice to name the session, IE Work, Home, Laptop.

So when hitting the logout button, you can choose to log out session based.

Sum up all sessions, making them selectable (bolding the current) and have 3 options:
- Logout current session
- Logout all but current
- Logout all marked sessions

To me this is a must-have feature. When I logged in at work (a shared PC) I can logout that session. Also a nice way to keep the sessionstable cleaner.

An extra few idea's from me (well, actually kinda stolen from an other baord, but ey.. better ripped good then a bad idea).

- Secure Login

For logging in the board can use javascript to md5 the password so it doesn't go plain-text over the net. Sniffer proof.

- More secure profiles

In case of forgetting to log out on a public system, other can totally modify the account. The only thing someone can't do, is change the password. If all settings has password verification, people profile can never be changed if you forgot to log out.