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Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 02/16/2008 - 14:50
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First, I want to thank for creating this forum software, in my opnion this is the best. I have used allot of other forum softwares but most of them has million of options what I never use or bad security. Untill I saw useBB.

But ok my English is very bad so I will stop the talk.

I didn't saw this request yet, or I had seen over it -.-' It happends to me allot....

My request is to make a simple warning system, in my earlier days on forums I found it very usefull, because first and now to I used notepad for that and sometimes you forget things or you get problems with other mods etc... ( if it's not to hard or it's only for big forums, but hey I can ask right? )

Like a penalty points system or something.... Doesn't have to be a big system.

Ow yeah a report system is I think also usefull....

I saw that the pm system is comming in useBB 2? I hope you can set it off or that you can set usergroups who can have pm's and who doesn't.

Why? Because I have known some irritating people that only registering on your forum for a quick pm spamming.

Well this was it... I like what is comming in version 2 for what I can read already, I hope that Usebb will still be an easy and small forum and not like phpbb or invision with millions of options that you have to investigate where the option is what you want, with usebb my max investigate time was about 5 mins.... But that was my own fault, I read to fast sometimes....
With phpbb I had sometimes go to the support forums to ask where that option was.... That's why I quitted using these big forums and replace it with usebb.

Well even if you denied my request I will still use usebb, but ok I just wanted to share some thoughts....

I hope my English is readeble.... It's not my first language but i'm trying....