Moderator permission issues

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 11/21/2010 - 05:30
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I think I might have spotted a problem. Lets say I create a few forum boards, but only give moderators permission to move threads on a couple of them. How comes the option is still there for a moderator to move threads onto another forum they was not assigned permission to do so?

On my "News Headlines" forum, that board was set-up giving moderators no permission to move threads. Yet, I can create a test account, give it moderator status. Then move a thread from a board I have moderator permission set-up to do so, but can then move it onto that "News Headlines" forum we're they should not be able too.

I should not have that option based on individual forum permissions I have set-up for moderators on some of my forums.

This has lead me having to deny permission for moderators to move threads on any forums now to get around this problem, only allowing them to lock topics instead. If I was to give moderators permission (on just one forum only) to move topics, they could move them to any other forum they have permission to post on, even though they don't have permission to move topics on them.

A moderator for a forum can move topics to any other forum. It was designed like this.

If you have a number of forums and each forum having a distinct moderator set, it would not be possible to move any topic. Only admins would be able to.

The idea is that a moderator can control the forums he has been assigned to. He can move wrong topics to another suitable forum, where it gets under the responsibility of that forum's moderator.