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I had read the faq and it said this forum works also with php 5.3. Now I had read that is made for php 4.

I'm going to move from host because my old host doesn't accept usebb, don't ask me why but some files where denied. So I really don't know if it works.

My new host doesn't know if usebb will work perfectly because they have: PHP Version 5.2.14.

Does this mean it's harder to install or should it make it more difficult to use usebb?

For the rest I hope that usebb v2 will come in the future, this forum software is just the best of all, hope you don't have plans to stop this project. I just wanted to say this, i don't excpect an answer for this because i had read the forum and i'm not the only one that's nagging for usebb 2 :lol:

My English is getting worse each year.... But ok.

Happy new year.

UseBB 1 is written in PHP 4 but works on PHP 5 as well. It's being used with PHP 5.2 on this website.

Installing the system is the same for all PHP versions.

I had read the faq and it said this forum works also with php 5.3.

It's being used with PHP 5.2 on this website.


can somebody confirm UseBB 1 really works with PHP 5.3?

My provider will be updating from 5.2 to 5.3 in the next weeks -- I don't want to lose my UseBB forums over night ... :-)

Please ignore my last post.

Found the answer at node/1485

The current version was verified to work with PHP 4.4, 5.2, 5.3 and the latest 5.4. Should there be any problems, please contact us at the forums or GitHub.

Hello All,
Hello Dietrich

I've running UseBB 1.0.8 since 2008 witout updating to new releases.
Now my provider is running the webspace with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5 and UseBB shows an error.

In file sources/db_mysqli.php on line 138: E_WARNING - mysqli_fetch_array() [function.mysqli-fetch-array]: magic_quotes_runtime are deprecated since PHP 5.3

So what is the best (and fastest) way to rescue the forum an beccome back a running system?

Thanks for help


You should update to the latest release. The magic quotes stuff was removed in version 1.0.11 or so.

Thank you! I will try it on the weekend.

Kind Regards, Dirk

My useBB v1.0.16 lost posts since host update to PHP 5.4.4. All posts allready stored in database. I thing there is any incompatibility with php5.4.4.
Thanks in advance for each help.

OK. Problem solved by myself. :)
As of PHP 5.4 they changed default encoding from "ISO-8859-1" to "UTF-8". So if you get null from htmlspecialchars go to sources/functions.php.


$string = htmlspecialchars($string);

replace with:

$string = htmlspecialchars($string, ENT_COMPAT,'ISO-8859-1', true);