Please help - API integration Virool and Crowdflower

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 23:03
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Hello everyone!

Congrats for the amazing work, I love this forum since the first time it appeared on the web :)

This is my problem: I would like to add Virool Videos and Crowdflower tasks to allow my users to earn some $ doing simple action (for example watching videos and collecting data or answering to surveys, ..).

...exactly like Amazon new project but with an HIGHER PAY (I want to share with my users up to 95-99% of the revenues).

IMAGE --->

What I need is an addon to allow users earning points\cash every time they watch videos of Virool or when they complete successfully some tasks on Crowdflower.

This is the knowhow:

I can of course PAY for this addon but it must works! ;) Anyone can help me? thanks!

Maurè :D

PS= a future where technology will be free and at disposal of everyone, every cent earned will count. Specially for whom live with less then $3 per day.
My concept is to give to my users 99% of the earnings on Virool and Crowdflower to earn a bit only using banners or other form of income. Thanks!

Since the UseBB project is ending, and UseBB 1 is no longer developed you will have no luck finding anyone willing to make new mods. Better luck with other (forum) solutions.


Fri, 04/05/2013 - 00:27

because I believe in this project since the first time it appeared, I decided to invest some money. I already found a great programmer from India that can help me to implement this feature! ;)

What's the reason of to stop such a great Idea? I hope it's not due to work and study reasons! :? ..but eventually I wish you GOOD LUCK and I'll say thanks so many times to you but I'm sure they will be never enough ;)