Post editing problem with page hanging and time outs

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/24/2012 - 21:40
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I'm having a problem on my forum that started a week or so ago.

Sometimes when I edit a post that's got a decent amount of text listed in it, such as like this one now (maybe about twice as much though). And it doesn't tend to happen with posts only having 2 or 3 lines of content. It takes ages to save the post, even "timing out" at times. But if I open another browser tab while it's happening thinking site must be having issues, visit my forum homepage. It loads fast as usual with no problem.

It only happens when editing the post, not if I write a new one with lots of content and submit it for first time. Just seems related to editing and saving. And I can't put my finger on what's causing it to happen, didn't happen at first. And sometimes they save OK, which doesn't help.

So asking if you might have any ideas what's causing it, a certain bad file upload or whatever?

Just adding, this has been sorted. Must have been a bad file upload