Same img and url tag for guests as members

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 12:53
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What I mean by that, img and url tag are disabled to members for certain post limit, is there a way to disable for guests completely.

Really like to allow guest posting if those 2 tags could be disabled, possibly an option to allow or not in the anti-spam section.

Thank you

Not a big deal, since v1 is out of major development, not sure what I posted above would be considered as.

And I know, there are ways to change them already, just didn't want to modify the code, if I didn't have too.

I have noticed this possibility myself, and might add it for 1.0.14.

Thanks Dietrich, regardless if added or not.

May eventually just edit code at a later date, if above isn't implemented.


Would help combat spam, specifically porn images.