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i would like to see an out of the box search engine optimazation feature

UseBB is search engine friendly by default. Requesting this does not make much sense unless you explicitly state what you want.

UseBB is Search Engine Friendly, but then again, every forum is.

Search Engine friendly doesn't mean it's Search Engine Optimized :P

To really SEO a forum, one should use the HEAD-section in de templates. You can let clients (and SE's) know if the page they're on, is part of a collection of pages (threads with more then 1 page that is).

For example: A thread has 5 pages, and I'm now at page 3, doin some serious SEO, means having this in the head:

<link rel="Start" href="topic-x-page-1" />
<link rel="Prev" href="topic-x-page-2" />
<link rel="Next" href="topic-x-page-4" />
<link rel="Contents" href="forum-x" />

This makes it a lot easier for search engines not to index 1 page, but a complete thread.

You can do the same when viewing a subforum.

This speeds up indexing on multi-paged threads.

Their is 1 minor disadvantage of these link-elements: There is a Firefox plugin (fasterfox), that looks for these elements, and load the pages in the background for faster browsing (it just opens is from the cache. You can disallow this to happen using the robots.txt:

User-agent: fasterfox
Disallow: /

Adding this requires a total different way of the templating system, at this moent this isn't an option, so lets hope for 2.x to have this.

Another thing, which users can do themselves: restyle the temapltes, drop the tables, and use div's.

If you're interrested, i could explain this a bit better (on the head-section that is) in dutch (Looking at your name, you prolly speak it :P)

Not to forget the current system was built in 2004, which is four years ago. There's a lot more than what is described above, such as correct "alt" and "title" attributes.

As always... this is for 2.0.