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Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 08/27/2012 - 18:04
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Good, not if it is the right place to post it, but I wanted to tell you about a new support forum for UseBB Spanish, I think it's very important to support these forums in various languages ​​... and should not be overlooked that even so we mention attract community and see more Spanish speaking users using this forum system ...

So I would like to share with the forum Spanish support of UseBB


In a few days we will have a.

'll Let you know ..

Thank you very much closely HispanoUseBB



Buenas, no se si es el lugar indicado para publicarlo, pero queria contarles sobre un nuevo foro de soporte en español para UseBB, creo que es muy importante tener de estos foros de soporte en varios idiomas... y no hay que descuidarse que aun asi hacemos mencion a comunidad y a la ves atraemos mas usuarios de habla español que usan este sistema de foro...

Por eso me gustaria compartirles el foro soporte en español de UseBB


En unos dias lo tendremos en un

Les avisare..

Muchas gracias atentamente HispanoUseBB

Thanks for your efforts, however note in recent years the community has not been very active.


Thanks for your efforts, however note in recent years the community has not been very active.

That's what we want to change, make enhancements, styles and addons or plugins.

We also hope news UseBB 2 :)

PS: I wish you were part of our community, UseBB are the creator of your help and serve us. ;)

El gran problema de la poca actividad es que no hay personas que se interesen profundamente usebb y nunca pasamos de un diseño simple o una modificación notable..
Ase falta que se aga notar con grandes dedicación en los diseños y modificaciones..

Acuérdense que lo mas importante hoy en dia para un foro es el diseño y las aplicaciones que ofrece en este.

Tanto Steeep como yo esperamos un progreso en el soporte en espeñol, tengo pensado meterme un poco en el código de este sistema para ver si podemos refrescar la versión y asarla popular..

No tiene que decaer.


The big problem is that the little activity there people who care deeply UseBB and never went to a simple design or a significant change ..
Ase lack that note with great dedication aga in designs and modifications ..

Remember that the most important thing today is a forum for design and applications offered in this.

Both Steeep as I expect progress in espeñol support, I have a little thought put me in the code of this system to see if we can refresh the popular version and roast ..

There has to decline.


The site gone?

Just as I thought what was going to happen.

The project is far from active enough to start these kinds of side projects. If someone does, it usually only lasts a few months.

On an -- important -- side note, the UseBB 2 project was also cancelled. An announcement will follow later this week.

Oh now. Why? Please don't do this.

Nothing was canceled because of problems and want to do something better, we are working to make something better in order to support and offer the public something more cute.

I have some screenshots to see that we are just unemployed and not cancel anything.

Good, very good. You wanna fork UseBB? Because Dietrich has cancalled developing UseBB v2.