Spoiler MOD by Masato

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 21:03
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Today I come with a contribution to the simple but very useful, I've been looking for this mod for several sides for UseBB and I have not found and that is why I decided to program it ^ ^.

The version is for UseBB 1.0.16


Here is the link for download from Mediafire:

Looks nice, but I cannot test it even though I followed your instructions. For some odd reason my forum is not allowing me to view topics anymore.

It's a matter of adding the word Spoiler in some lines and add the line that makes the "magic" that is HTML and JavaScript xD. If you got problems with the MOD Comment what is the problem and try to see what can be done.

Well actually, I don't have any issue with the mod. The mod works great. I was testing on Localhost, so there were allot of things not working for me. I just uploaded everything to my host and now its all working just fine. Kudos for your mod mate (: