Support Guidelines

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/12/2005 - 14:13
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First of all: the Help and Support forum is not meant for general discussion and non-support questions, as well as not for modding support, customization, integration, code changes, and related issues. Please refer to the right forum if you're looking for any of the above. New bug reports should go to GitHub's issue tracker.

When you have a problem with UseBB 1 or you have a question about it, please note the following:

- Support is only given on the latest version (which you can find on the downloads page). We don't support any older version or unofficial forks.
- See the FAQ, containing common questions.
- Please search the forums for a solution before asking.
- If the above doesn't help you, start a new topic. Give as much information as possible i.e. the version numbers of PHP, MySQL and (if possible) the server software and operating system UseBB is running on.
- Describe any actions you may have taken to resolve the problem or find the possible cause of the problem (if applicable).
- Keep your topic title as clear as possible, try to give the essence of the problem/question. Help! or Problem is not a good topic title.

Remember the UseBB project is phasing out - support is not as fast as it used to be, and requests for new or changed features are not accepted.