Template Editor

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 09/21/2005 - 19:22
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I would like an Template Editor in the admin, saves you opening your FTP.

Edit the CSS, Graphics and .tpl files. It be a quick use towards it.


Wed, 09/21/2005 - 19:36

as the templater i am this would be useful but i don't know if it is a use ful feature for all members

It might come in handy if you need to make some quick and small changes. However, if you seriously want to start template editing, I think nothing can beat your personal texteditor with colorcoding etc.


Wed, 09/21/2005 - 19:47

hmm i actually dont color code .. many people think that is so much better i like black plain text :P

I think this is a bit too much to build in. But you are free to write an ACP module.


Fri, 09/23/2005 - 18:10

Ha, only if I knew PHP.


Sat, 09/24/2005 - 00:48

hmm there are many simple cms's ut there maybe someone could borrow some code or something (ofcourse give credits to original author)