Templating engine idea

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/21/2008 - 20:41
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An idea to add some more logic and structure into templating.

For instance: Quick Reply

This is always part of a topic template. Why not use switches in the templating system?
Something like:

<div id="forum">
some title stuff, breadcrumbs,category, new topic, new reply, etc..
<div id="topic_title">{$title}</div>
<div id="{post_id}>
<div id="quick_reply">
markup goes here
some other shit here

Using these if's in templates, you can really template everything you want.
When the template is parsed, the parses checks if the quick_reply should be shown or not.

In this case, the designer has complete control over the lay-out, and the position where he/she wants the information.

This idea isn't mine, I've seen it in a CMS, and have templated it. The power and the control the designer has, is endless..

What you are suggesting here has been on the list for UseBB 2 since years. In fact, it was decided to use template files in PHP but allow other systems (such as Smarty) to be used. See the mailing list.