UseBB 1.0.13 released

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 08/06/2011 - 22:37
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The UseBB Project releases UseBB 1.0.13, a general improvement and maintenance release for the UseBB 1 light PHP 4 and MySQL forum package.

Changes since 1.0.12

- Anti-spam measures, including:
--> Potential spammer statuses
--> Stop Forum Spam API integration
--> Mass cleaning up profile spam accounts in ACP
- Persistent database connections
- Email form or custom URL usage for "Contact admin"
- Searching users by email address in ACP

More changes and bug fixes were made. See the Changelog for a complete list.

Anti-spam measures

The rise of spam attacks have made us adding more measures against forum spam. Most notably are the introduction of the potential spammer status and the integration of Stop Forum Spam for checking and submitting spammer data.

For more information on anti-spam measures, please read the new document "Spam Protection" (docs/anti-spam.html). It contains some recommended settings for public forums.


UseBB 1.0.13 can be considered a mature and stable version of UseBB 1, suitable for all websites. However, numerous forums are still using an older 1.0.x version, or even a beta 0.x one. Keeping into account all the issues and bugs fixed over time, we encourage all of these websites to upgrade to 1.0.13 as soon as possible.

Any version equal or less than 1.0.12 is now out of official support. Visit for downloads. Information about upgrading is available in the docs/index.html document.

UseBB Project

Great work, thanks for the upgrade.



Sun, 08/07/2011 - 10:15

Hmm sourceforge seem to have issues, cannot download anything at the moment. But thanks for the release!

Thanks for noting. Files are currently hosted on this server. The download page has been updated. tends to give problems once in a while. I am preparing to move some stuff to GitHub instead.

Translation updates


- Name
- GuestName
- RSSFeedForTopic
- RSSFeedForForum
- PotentialSpammer
- PotentialSpammerNoProfileLinks
- PotentialSpammerNoPostLinks
- InvisibleToGuests


- "Why do links in my signature and/or posts remain unclickable?"


- ConfigBoard-persistent
- ConfigBoardSection-anti_spam
- ConfigBoardSection-anti_spam-info
- ConfigBoard-contactadmin_custom_url
- ConfigBoard-contactadmin_custom_url-info
- ConfigBoard-enable_contactadmin_form
- ConfigBoard-sfs_email_check
- ConfigBoard-sfs_email_check-info
- ConfigBoard-sfs_max_lastseen
- ConfigBoard-sfs_max_lastseen-info
- ConfigBoard-sfs_min_frequency
- ConfigBoard-sfs_min_frequency-info
- ConfigBoard-sfs_save_bans
- ConfigBoard-sfs_save_bans-info
- ConfigBoard-sfs_api_key
- ConfigBoard-sfs_api_key-info
- ConfigBoard-Passwd-NotSet
- ConfigBoard-Passwd-KeepCurrent
- ConfigBoard-Passwd-Set
- ConfigBoard-Passwd-Clear
- ConfigBoard-antispam_status_max_posts
- ConfigBoard-antispam_status_max_posts-info
- ConfigBoard-antispam_disable_post_links
- ConfigBoard-antispam_disable_post_links-info
- ConfigBoard-antispam_disable_profile_links
- ConfigBoard-antispam_disable_profile_links-info
- MembersEditingActivation
- MembersEditingMemberCantChangeOwnActivation
- MembersEditingActivationInactive
- MembersEditingActivationActive
- MembersEditingActivationPotentialSpammer
- MembersEditingActivationInfo
- DeleteMembersBanIPAddress
- DeleteMembersSFSSubmit
- PruneMembersTypeProfileSpam
- PruneMembersTypeProfileSpamExplain
- PruneMembersOptions
- PruneMembersDeletePosts
- PruneMembersType

- IndexUnwritableConfig
- ConfigBoard-antispam_question_questions-info
- ModulesUploadDisabled
- MembersSearchMemberInfo
- MembersSearchMemberExplain
- MembersSearchMemberNotFound
- DeleteMembersSearchMemberInfo
- DeleteMembersSearchMemberExplain
- DeleteMembersSearchMemberNotFound
- DeleteMembersDeletePosts

Setup one again. Looks/runs well so far.

A bit late to say so but thanks Dietrich. Thanks for the continued support of what from an end user perspective is an excellent product. :)

Na, na... UseBB is still developed. Super!