UseBB 1.0.4 released

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/01/2007 - 21:58
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The UseBB Team is happy to announce version 1.0.4 of the light and Open Source PHP/MySQL bulletin board package "UseBB".

Version 1.0.4 is a minor bug fix release. Changes include but are not limited to:
- some minor bugs were fixed throughout the system;
- changes were applied to improve global performance, especially for template parsing;
- mass email messages are now sent in chunks of 100 recipients;
- version checking is now also possible through the PHP c URL extension;
- small changes to improve usability on some parts.

Upgrading is, as always, recommended. Visit for downloads. Information about upgrading is available in the docs/index.html document.

With this fourth bug fix release for the 1.0 branch, I also want to comment on the code and database design of this fairly old system. I would like to emphasise that throughout the "designing" and writing code in 2004 and 2005 no tests on performance have ever been applied to the 1.0 codebase, neither were special measures taken to ensure the performance. For example, no or less indexes were applied to the database tables.

Even though some PHP optimisations have been applied in this release, some design flaws remain in place, however they should not pose any problems to small communities and in any case do not form any security problems. We do not wish to fix these design and performance issues any more but instead focus on developing UseBB 2.0, which will (should) gradually replace existing UseBB 1 installations where possible.

What concerns 2.0's development, a new roadmap for the project in 2007 is available at Note that 2.0 is a rewrite "from scratch" in PHP 5. As mentioned, we are working on the system design and will (re)start developing code as soon as time permits. A preview 1.99 release will be made available when most parts of the base system are completed. Of course, as mentioned before we keep releasing UseBB 1 bug fix releases in the mean time as long as we think is necessary.

All what is left to say is: happy 2007 and enjoy your forum!

Nice start on the year! :D

Nice, updated.

Simple question.

For this "Mass email message recipient count *" what number can we add, sorry just a bit confused about this, couldn't uncheck close the board without adding a number.

In the new config file, this is set to 100. It could as well work with 1000 or more, but some hosts limit the number of BCC e-mail addresses, so that's what this limit is for.

If you have 450 members, with this set to 100 there will simply be 5 emails sent instead of one. The only downside is that the admin e-mail address will receive this email 5 times as well.

Thanks Dietrich, its clear now.

Thanks for the release.

An overview of changed language variables:


No changes


- ConfigBoard-mass_email_msg_recipients
- ConfigBoard-mass_email_msg_recipients-info

- VersionFailed
- ConfigBoard-debug1
- ConfigBoard-debug2
- MassEmailSent

- DNSBLEnableOpenDNSBLBanWildcard


No changes

It's nice, thank you Dietrich.


Tue, 01/16/2007 - 05:20

Thanks for continuing to support this version. I recall with the last release there was a "usebb-1.0.3-changedfiles.txt" with just a listing of the changed files. Is there one for 1.0.4 that I just missed somewhere?


The file was only downloaded 8 times for 1.0.3, so I quit distributing it.

It's a bit difficult to see what files only have fixes in 1.0.4 since most of them were altered to adjust the copyright.


Tue, 01/16/2007 - 21:51


I was one of the 8 :) The "patch"ing on my hosting account doesn't work correctly. So after I patch locally and test I use that file to identify the files to upload. I can manage without it.


Sun, 01/28/2007 - 15:26

thanks.. PM mod ? :(

well that's great, support :P