UseBB 1.0.7 released

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 14:18
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I am happy to announce version 1.0.7 of the light and Open Source PHP/MySQL bulletin board package "UseBB".

Version 1.0.7 is a minor feature enhancements and bug fix release. Changes include but are not limited to:
- added an (random math based or custom) anti-spam question feature against spam bots;
- added a security measure which generates a new session ID when logging in/out;
- fixed a few minor bugs found since version 1.0.6.

Upgrading is highly recommended. Visit for downloads. Information about upgrading is available in the docs/index.html document.

This release also features a small gain in performance. 1.0.7 uses only 92% of 1.0.6's and no more than half(!) of 1.0's processing time. In other words, 1.0.7 can serve twice as much requests in the same time span than version 1.0. Another reason to keep your UseBB version up to date.

In the mean time, 2.0's development continues, and to emphasize this upcoming switch to PHP 5.2 we have joined the Go PHP 5 campaign. This campaign was started by a group of PHP based Open Source projects - including Drupal, phpMyAdmin, Typo3 and Symfony - who have decided to make new developments PHP 5.2 based as of February 5th, 2008, hoping to speed up PHP 5 migration. (Please note, this date is NOT the release date of UseBB 2.0.) More information on this campaign can be found at

Congratulations and thanks!

Really looking forward to version 2.

Cheers and great work,

Nice job as always Dietrich.

By the way, I am still a UseBB follower. :mrgreen:


Sat, 08/11/2007 - 17:41

As everyone else, William! ;)

... although we can't (everyone for his/hers very personal reasons) keep up with all the updates or help its' development (bug reporting, modifications, templates, etc.) we still use/love this software and appreciate Dietrich's work...