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Years after the initial plans for a grown up successor to UseBB 1, the largely inactive UseBB 2 project is now cancelled. Studies, professional work and other personal things have been and currently still are in the way of dedicating enough time to its development. Also, I see less value in continuing the current v2 project since in the mean time many other (forum) systems have met or surpassed the concepts and features that were to make UseBB 2.

In the future, chances exist I will start a new successor project ("UseBB 3" or using a different name), taking into account the expectations and methodologies for today's web applications and offering migration options for existing UseBB users. For this, a lot of brainstorming and planning has to take place first, which will not happen in the near future.

What concerns UseBB 1, it can not meet all of today's requirements for modern forum software, especially in the field of extensibility and spam protection. Which is not a surprise, given the code base reaching the age of 9 years, and v1's development stopped quite some time ago in favour of v2. However, for the time being I will continue releasing small bug fix and security releases until people have had the opportunity to migrate to another package or an eventual successor. The support forum will also remain open as long as possible and required.

I have to thank the people who supported v2's development in several ways, offered help and gave comments and helpful critiques. In case a new project will be started, this will be announced at and elsewhere.

UseBB founder and developer

I don't think anyone will be that surprised Dietrich. I hope that one day you do make a successor. :)

I am glad you'll continue to make bug fixes for usebb 1 though. I understand there are probably very few of us relying on it now but I still can't quite find something else that fits as a replacement.

I should look around again though.

I hope life is treating you kindly Dietrich. :)

Indeed. In 2007 and 2008 I should have pushed through and developed v2 as it was planned back then (with PHP 5.1/5.2). In the final years, time had become a bigger problem, plus web dev with PHP essentially shifted to using external frameworks while v2 was developing its own. It turned out continuing with the own framework would get us/me into troubles sooner or later.

The future lies in PHP 5.4 and on, Symfony and similar systems, Packagist, etc, very much like Ruby has Rails, Gems, etc. Also I think it really is about time to (again) think about the concept of "forums" and the troubles lots of people have with them.

In terms of "infrastructure" I would also walk away from and my current hosting provider, and start using GitHub in a better way. But that's a different story.

Perhaps one day something else will come into play, but as I see it, real life always comes first.

I'm glad you carried on supporting UseBB 1, and wouldn't say it's limited in fighting spam. Far from it in fact! I've used the 3 top commercial forum software packages in "vBulletin, IPB and XenForo" for years. None of them come with Stop Forum Spam built-in or DNSBL checking, they suffer badly from spamming problems as a result unless you add 3rd party add-ons. They are terrible for getting spammed by default out the box.

I like UseBB, it deals well in stopping spam without the need to go using add-ons. Plus having the feature there to delete a member and all their posts easy, which is pretty much the same main anti-spam feature XenForo boasts called "Spam Cleaner".

I can understand what you mean about having a "re-think" about forums in general. They've suffered badly for years due the the social networking boom and people using Twitter and Facebook now, plus web trends changing generally with people. Commercial forum software tried to tap in to that by adding social networking features into the forum software, but it's never really worked and only ended up bloating the software in the end.

I think the way on which chose to do UseBB 2 was the problem, making the code from scratch again, when several systems are using their forums for the resources that are on the internet, as frameworks in PHP, JS, CSS , etc.

Also you took all the work alone, when a project of this magnitude can not be done alone. Missing a team! People who bet whatever, would be interested in helping.

Use for GitHub, an incredible tool, where work can pass out and make 'life' easier.

You should not ignore UseBB, as you mentioned, launches version 3. I would be glad to help. ;)

Can't believe it's been 7 years since I first registered here, seems like such a long time! I certainly enjoyed my time with UseBB, though am also sad to say I haven't been able to contribute much of anything the last year or so due to lack of available time. Good luck in the future, Dietrich! I'll still keep an eye on the project just in case v3 makes an appearance :)

I can understand yoo, but... UseBB is a great software and it hasn't any clone. There isn't any UseBB2 (:P).
Please. You have so fu**ing good community (some people only :-)), don't stop developing UseBB v2.
You have so hardly worked on it. I think, it should be still developing.
But... your chooice.

Unfortunately as I said the project is actually outdated and needs to be rethinked (and developed soon after), and I don't have the time to.

I have a release of 1.0 waiting in git, haven't got the time to put that up yet.

But you should know. You have people, who want your software, not other. Not phpBB, IPB, MyBB, SMF, etc.


I have a release of 1.0 waiting in git, haven't got the time to put that up yet.

I'm intrigued, is the release you have in git much different than 1.0.15?


Thanks, Dietrich, when will it be available for download?

I don't know yet - I have lots of stuff to do now first.

I agree.. the one thing about those big name forums is its too much. I for one want something simple but have a couple things added such as ranks and user groups.. maybe a gallery (something i need for my site). but I hope it does make a come back to some extent. I love these boards... just

Try FluxBB. It's simple and fast.


Try FluxBB. It's simple and fast.

Nice man! Thanks for that. These look great and exactly what I need.

I'm sorry but I'd agree to the fact that there are many board softwares that are introduced day-in-day-out, but there is always a scope for improvement.

I don't want to barge into your plans for the version 3, but would insist you to post a new thread on this forum asking for users to suggest the features that they like to see in the update. With the kind of data I'm sure you'd be able to design a product that the users best relate to.

Could you share UseBB2 code? Thanks this someone could continue project.
Developing a software by only one person is very hard.

That didn't come of as a surprise. Considering the lack of time you always had (I remember this from years before) I was actually surprised that you insisted on developing UseBB 2.

Anyway. Time for me to let my domain expire. :( I was planning on launching a UseBB themes/ mods website at the moment UseBB 2 would go stable.

Good luck with anything you do Dietrich. :)

And by the way, UseBB 2 is FOSS. The code is available for anyone to fork it. ;)

what sadness!