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Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 08/13/2011 - 10:48
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A couple of days ago, the UseBB project started using GitHub for its development activities.

In practice, the Subversion repository as well as the Trac instance at have been replaced by a GitHub account and Git repository, including an issue (ticket) tracker and wiki. The old SVN repo has become inactive and the Trac instance removed, so please update your bookmarks and/or tools to fetch the development source code. Downloads, UseBB 1 resource trackers and mailing lists remain at

All information can be found at (you can switch the branch in the menu - 'master' is UseBB 2 and 'v1.0' is 1.0.x), and additional Git or GitHub help can be found at[ln-more]

As always, your ideas and help are appreciated, so feel free to add issues, make comments or even fork the code to make your improvements (

The UseBB Project

PS: the master is branch is currently empty, but v2 source code will be added soon.

Like very much what I read here. :D

Moving to GitHub was a good move. It's much better than SF.

Good luck with GH... It's much better like old SF :P